Drilling Tools, Fishing Tools Services
Drilling Tools & Services

SDP offer a number of standard and unique tools for your drilling, completion and workover applications. Our range of tools include

  • A flow bypass system for drilling and wellbore cleanup applications.
  • Integral and welded blade stabilizers from 5 7/8” up to 32” in size.
  • Subs (Cross Over, Lifting, Float, Spacer), Collars (including PC & Monels) for most applications; Non Magnetic Drill Collars; TIW valves; Bullnoses.
  • Casing Scrapers (5” through 13 3/8”), Key Seat Wipers and Safety Joints.

Fishing Services

SDP offers a technical team which combines extensive operational experience in different regions. These factors have allowed us to have an extremely high rate of job successes and to provide cost effective solutions to our clients. Our personnel are supported by a large and varied inventory of tools, which allows for quick turnaround. We are, therefore, capable of responding expeditiously to our client’s challenges. SDP Fishing Services include:

  • Plug & Abandonment services
  • External and Internal cutting and recovery
  • Milling services
  • Thru tubing tools and services
  • Packer retrieval services
  • Well cleanout