Jasper Explorer Services

The JASPER EXPLORER is an Enhanced Pelican Class DP2 Drillship capable of operating in 5,000 ft. of water, drilling depths of up to 25,000 ft. and has accommodations for 139 personnel. The unit is equipped with Cyberbase Drilling Cabin, Varco TDS4H Top Drive and three (3) mud pumps National 12P160. The BOP stack is an 18 ¾” 10,000 psi which includes four (4) rams and two (2) annulars controlled by Cameron MUX III system.

Majority of the top side equipment including the Derrick, Crown Mounted Motion Compensator and Riser Tensioning System were replaced during the upgrading project in 2009. Rig Floor utilities were fitted with new Pipe Handling, Iron Roughneck, Manipulator Arms and Cherry Pickers for upgraded safety and performance capabilities.

General and Main Dimension
Type DP2 Drillship
Registry Singapore
Upgraded 2009
Design Upgraded Pelican Class
Length o.a. 165.30m
Beam, Main Deck 29.75m
Hull Depth 12.50 m
Summer Draft 7.50 m (Excluding Thrusters) 11.40 m (Including Thrusters)
Displacement, Summer 20,141 mt
Displacement, Lightship 11,787 mt
Variable Load 8,354 mt
Water Depth 5,000 ft.
Drilling Depth 25,000 ft.
Transit Speed 9 knots
Estimated Fuel Cons: Transit: 25 m3/ day DP mode: 45 m3/ day
Helideck Suitable for Sikorsky S-92 or Similar; CAP 437
Accommodation Fully air-conditioned for 139 persons with galley, messes recreation rooms, offices and hospital
Storage Capacity
Riser Storage 90 Joints of 50’ length (900 mt equivalent)
Tubular Storage in holds 1,140 mt
Liquid Active 105 m3
Liquid Reserve 443 m3
Bulk Cement 255 m3
Bulk Mud 255 m3
Pipe Racks 380 mt
Sacks 10,000 sacks
Fuel 3,325 m3 (90%)
Drill Water 2,297 m3
Potable Water 487 m3
Brine: 513 m3
Base Oil: 476 m3
Drilling Equipment
Derrick AKMH-Pyramid, height 180’ Base 52’ x 52’. Gross loading capacity 1,5m lbs
Crown Block Aker-Kvaerner design 8 x 60” dia sheaves. Grooved for 1 ½ line.
Travelling Block National 60” with 1 ½ line sheaves
Heave Compensator Aker-Kvaerner Drill String Compensator Type 270/25 with 25’ Stroke and 1,300 kips load capacity
Top Drive Varco TDS 4H
Rotary Table National 49 ½”
Drawworks National 1625 fitted with disk Brake DBS-3000
Hydraulic Roughneck 1 Aker Kvaerner MH-1899, make up torque 135Nm. Break up torque 169Nm (Rotary Center)
Hydraulic Roughneck 2 NOV ST-120, make up torque 135Nm. Break up torque 162Nm (Offline Stand Building & Rotary Center)
Hydraulic Cathead Aker Kvaerner, pneumatic controlled MK-1. Operating pull 140N, lug pull force 140N
Pipe Handling System Patriot Knuckle Boom Crane, model PKM 1300T Max outreach 25 meters
Drill Floor Manipulated Arm Patriot design with 4.5m of telescopic reach. Pipe sizes, 3 ½” to 50”
Riser Tensioners NOV 4 x Dual 200 kips ea. total 1600 kips
Stand Pipe Manifold 5" x 3 1/16" Fill up/bleed-offline outlet; 2ea Outlet (Total), 5,000 psi WP
Cementing Manifold 3” ID, 10,000 psi WP
Mud Pumps Three National 12-P-160. 5,000 psi WP fluid end.
Shale Shakers 4 x BEM MI-Swaco Shakers
Desander 16 cones and 3 cones
Mud/Gas Separator Swaco Poor Boy
Degasser Swaco CD-1400
Riser and Well Control Equipment
BOP Stack x Cameron “U” 18 3/4” 10,000 psi double ram preventers, H2S trimmed
Wellhead Connector Drill quip DX 15 Wellhead connector
Riser Connector Cameron Model 70 Collet Connector.
LMRP 2 x Hydril 5,000 psi annular H2S trimmed
Diverter Regan Type KFDS, nominal dia. 24"
Slip Joint Cameron Dual Packer 55' stroke
Marine Riser 3500’ Vetco MR6-C plus 2000’ Vetco HMF-E Riser
Ball Joint Regan DR1
BOP Control Cameron BOP Mux Control system. Mark 3 Pods
Choke & Kill Manifold 3 1/16” Manifold 10,000 psi W.P. with 2 Auto chokes & 1 manual adjustable choke
Riser Gantry Crane Patriot, capacity 30T
Port Crane 1 x 110 tons capacity
Stbd Crane 1 x 40 tons capacity
Aft Crane 1 x 25 tons capacity
Pipe Handling System Patriot Knuckle Boom Crane, model PKM 1300T Max outreach 25 meters
Power Plant and Station Keeping
Power Plant Five Wärtsilä W12 V32 engines ea. 5,100 kw at 720 rpm. Five Siemens alternators 4,600 kW ea. with 60 Hz and 6000V
SCR System 4 Siemens SCR’s at 1,250 AMP and 750 V DC 6 Siemens SCR’s at 1,050 AMP and 750 V DC
Propulsion System Four AC motors connected to two Lips FPP delivering total 7,000 hp continuous
Thrusters and Heading Five Lips tunnel thrusters (2 aft and 3 forward) ea. 1,350 kW Two Azimuth Thrusters (1 Stbd Forward and 1 Port aft)
DP Control System Kongsberg-Simrad system for DP-2 operations, and CJoy
DP Ref. System Dual redundant DGPS or equivalent; dual HiPAP system