Seismic Services - Onshore and Marine Seismic
Seismic Data Acquisition - Onshore

SDP extensive experience includes the seismic operations on land and in transition zones for both 2D and 3D. The Company`s staff is quite competent in advanced design technologies and evaluation of the most optimal design to solve any geological tasks specified with use of the most modern hardware and software.

The Company has the advanced seismic technological equipment that enables to perform sophisticated work and orders at the international standards, including: 

  • Telemetric recording systems Sercel, I/O and ground equipment for 10000 channels
  • Modern vibrator sources
  • Modern navigation systems¬†
  • Vehicles and tractor technique to support year-round operations in any climate and geographic conditions.¬†

Seismic Data Acquisition - Marine

SDP has capability for marine seismic data acquisition, and is able to acquire high-quality 2D, 3D and OBC marine seismic data with our state-of-the-art equipment, outstanding employees, strict HSE and organizational management.